November Yankee is a full-service aerial production company located in NYC

November Yankee services the film, TV production, advertising and real estate industries. 


As pioneers, we’re at the front line of technology– always analyzing, testing and developing innovative ways to capture breathtaking aerials. Our seasoned pilots, technical gurus, cinematographers, and artists will consider everything from crafts, cameras, and lenses to stabilization systems, formats and post processing to utilize the right, most efficient tools for your project.

Formed out of an integrated digital agency, we excel at all aspects of aerial production. We have a meticulous approach to preparation which could include anything from storyboards to 3D simulation. Our fidelity with technology allows us to get the most out of the latest cameras, stabilization systems, and lenses. As resident experts in post-production, we shoot with editing and VFX ( special effects )in mind.



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